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Pacific Approvals Pty Ltd


Pacific Approvals Pty Ltd is a specialist consultancy company providing services for the building and construction industry.

We provide a wide range of services including:


  • Building approvals and certification;
  • Fire engineered alternative solutions;
  • Emergency procedures;
  • Town planning consultation;
  • Development application lodgements; and
  • Building Compliance audits.


We are licensed to provide these specialised services for all classes of buildings and structures.

Our team provides practical advice for your project from the initial planning and design phase through to the inspection and final certification stage.

The effective interpretation and application of building legislation advice is continuously provided throughout the process to complete final building approval, for an efficient building approvals process. This ensures that real-time building solutions are identified and that project delivery time frames are met.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel with extensive knowledge of building and town planning law, codes and standards.

We provide practical building design solutions and outcomes that are cost-effective, being properly designed and constructed with regards to life safety, and comply with all relevant building law.

Building Certification


• Design advice;

• Performance based design solutions;

• Peer review of alternative building solutions;

• Asses the design documentation against

building legislation;

• Building approvals.


Emergency Procedures


• Emergency Evacuation Signs and Diagrams;

• Ensure Workplace Emergency Prevention Procedures

Systems and Processes are implemented;
• Manage and monitor Workplace Emergency Procedures

• Respond to Workplace Emergencies;
• Implement and manage Emergency Control Organisation.

Fire Building Services and Solutions

• Auditing of fires services within existing buildings;
• Fire safety advice and fire safety reports;
• Fire engineered solutions.


Town Planning

• Town planning advice and consultation;
• Town planning development feasibility reporting;
• Preparation of town planning reports and lodgement of development

• Project management of town planning development applications;
• Liaising with council, State agencies and development industry

professionals throughout the development application process.